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Locating VIN On BMW R100RT

Ricardo Perez

VIN Tag On Bottom Frame
Matching Engine VIN On Engine by Oil Dipstick

I have a 1979 R100RT and as I understand it's VIN comes a couple of years before they started using the traditional 17 digit numbers. There are several places to find your VIN. The first and easiest place to find the VIN is on the Frame just below the handlebars. On my bike its on the right hand side (as you sit on the bike) and it's stamped into the frame. There can also be a tag on the bottom frame right-hand side. Additionally, on the engine, next to the oil dipstick the VIN is also stamped there. They should be matching numbers, but not necessarily. When you see guys selling there classic bikes, many of them mention that they have matching numbers. They mean that the VIN on the frame matches the VIN on the engine. Thus, you know you're getting the original engine that came with the bike.
Upper Frame Right Hand Side Stamped VIN

There is also a number stamped on a flat plate just above the oil pan on the left side. There are two lines of numbers, but they are not your VIN nor do they have any association with your VIN that I am aware of. I also haven't found out how to trace the meaning of these numbers.

Engine Plate Above Oil Pan Number