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BMW R100RT Exhaust Removal

Ricardo Perez

Removed Exhaust From '79 R100 RT
I decided to take the exhaust off my R100RT just to see how it looks and if it needs replacement. I got as a gift the wrench which makes taking off the flange nut off a snap! The exhaust headers have been modified in that the cross pipe that goes behind oil pan had been removed, probably to allow for the Reynolds Ride Off Center Stand. So the ports have been welded shut leaving only the cross pipe that is front of the oil pan in place. I'm not sure how that affects performance, but it doesn't look very neat. I'm wanting to replace those old mufflers that are very heavy with something better, perhaps with some Hoske pipes? Not sure as of yet what I'll do.
The mufflers are a bit rusty especially on the bottom side and could be replaced, but functionally are fine.
I'll update this as I decide how to proceed.

Wrench For Flange Nut

How Wrench Fits Onto Nut

Welded Cross Pipe Opening!

It's an Old Wrench, but great quality!