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Corbin Seat on My BMW R100RT

Ricardo Perez

Corbin Saddle
As I continue with my restoration project of my 1979 BMW R100RT I replaced my seat with a new Corbin Touring saddle. When I purchased the bike it had America's ugliest saddle, one hand made by a boot maker somewhere in south Texas. I replaced that with an old custom made cafe racer styled seat which was a much better look than the original, but still not too comfortable for extended rides. My brother has always used Corbin saddles and I like the fact that they are leather instead of vinyl.
The Corbin website has exactly what I needed, a touring model seat for my vintage 1979 bike. The fact that they still carry a saddle for an old BMW and had one in stock was enough for me. It's listed at $399 and I ordered it and within a few days it arrived at my office.

I was expecting some degree of work in making the seat fit, after all, we're talking about a 33 year old bike, but the fit was perfect. The cafe style saddle I had on was rubbing on the tank so I had to use a color matched, specially fabricated material (duct tape) to keep that seat from scratching the tank. Well, that can come off with the Corbin seat allowing just the right "gap" between the seat and the tank. I had ordered the cowling that goes under the seat from Maxx BMW and had it painted before the seat arrived so I was a little concerned that the saddle may not be a good fit or that the holes on the seat would not align themselves with the cowling, but everything fit perfectly. The hinges also fit perfectly as did the plunge bar that locks the seat in place.

True to the story line, the seat is "firm" and it takes some riding to "break-in" the seat. I've only about 500 miles on the seat so I'm of the opinion that I've got another thousand miles or so to get through the "break-in" period. My seat already feels much more at home on it than when I first got it and it's starting to feel "just right".

Perfect Fit At Tank
The seat not as wide as the Corbin on my brother's 2010 RT, by about three inches, but for a guy my size it seems to be just right. I'm 5'10" and weigh 172lbs with a 33 waist. Of course, riding the 2010 RT is a joy and the seat is very nice. A seat that size on the R100RT would make it look disproportionate to the slender 100RT design.

On Cowling
Here's the writeup from Corbin, "Maximum comfort and classic looks. This model is extremely popular on RT models for two-up distance riding. Ergonomically engineered platforms provide deep supportive bucket and long range comfort. Sculpted to eliminate hot spots and provide better weight distribution for longer riding range.
Accepts a removable backrest in the passenger AND rider's positions for added comfort and security (requires hardware #OPL). We offer a variety of backrest styles to suit your taste and the amount of support you desire. Corbin backrests install easily with a single bolt and are adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your copilot's posture.
Inside, our Comfort Cell foam material provides a firm, resilient ride that lasts. Our foam won't break down like the stock pad so you remain in comfort all day. Although Corbin seats feel firm at first, it is this firmness that allows the seat to support your body over the miles.
Includes genuine leather seating in your choice of colors and styles. Leather will provide a luxurious perch that breathes with your body and will break in along with the foam shape for a personalized fit. Be sure to care for your new leather saddle properly with a good conditioner like our Saddle Cream. This will help it to age gracefully and remain weather resistant.
Mounts up easily to your BMW dual cowling and includes new hinges and adjustable latch pin."