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Touratech iBracket

Ricardo Perez

I was on my way West out of Texas and into New Mexico when we stopped at Motohank's in Dilley, Texas for some work on my brother's 2010 BMW RT when I spotted the Touratech iBracket on Hank's bike. We were set for a long ride so I decided that this new farkle would be a good addition to my list of gadgets. The Touratech iBracket is really quite practical and it's easy to install and to use. What attracted me to it was that it's simple yet functional for my needs. The iBracket will swivel in any direction and you can leave your iPhone in a horizontal or landscape mode.
Placing your phone in it is simple. Just pull the lever that has the Touratech label on it, that will expand the cradle and yellow bands enough to place your phone in it then simply close the lever and it secures the phone in place.
The iBracket is meant to use in a wireless, blue tooth mode, but I prefer to use my ear buds so we had to dremel a notch on one of the black corner braces so as to allow enough room to plug my ear phones into the phone. That was no big deal, but it left a little bit of a cosmetic blemish on that corner of the bracket. It won't bother me.
With a little bit of skill and a steady hand and thin gloves (or no gloves) you can switch around your music albums or take a call if you're into that type of thing. Running a GPS map application can mean goodbye to needing a separate GPS unit.  I still like my Garmin Zumo 550 with a bigger screen and its more intuitively functional setup than a cell phone map. I'm going to run my Zumo along side my iPhone with the new Apple Maps (new OS6 operating system) just to see how they compare.
Installation is simple with the included RAM mount.
I would say that it's a very good bracket and it's yellow bands with black frame make it stand out and look good in my opinion. Things to consider are plugging a jack into headset won't necessarily work without some modification; at $149.00 it's not cheap, but the build is high quality using high quality products, and for those of us that just got the iPhone 5 ...well let me see if I can squeeze it into that opening.

Here's what the Touratech site says about the iBracket,

  • Fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s
  • Secure closure with one-handed operation
  • CNC laser cut and CNC shaped stainless steel components
  • Touratech iBracket plastic corners with UV-resistant silicone rings.
  • Touratech vibration dampening
  • Able to be rotated 90 degrees
  • The iBracket can be used with many common silicone protective cases for the iPhone 4
  • Designed to mount to 1/2" or 7/8" bar, but can be adapted to any motorcycle using RAM systems
  • If used in dusty conditions, opening mechanism can jam with grit, requiring regular lubrication with WD-40 or other spray lubricant

Vertical Left
Vertical Right 
In "Open" Position

Horizontal - Landscape Mode

Ram Mount