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Denali D2 Dual Intensity LED Lighting Kit on BMW R1200RT

Ricardo Perez

Denali D2 Light
My brother and I installed the Denali D2 LED lights on my R1200RT last weekend. The install was not too difficult took a few hours. The most time consuming part was taking the tupperware off both sides so we could route the wires from the lights to the battery. The install was neat and clean looking. We tapped into the parking light wires and we chose to use only the high intensity level since I didn't see much need for the low intensity setting. We placed the on/off switch at the base of the handle bars kind of sitting between the trip odometer and the instrument light level buttons. It's a reach, but in my opinion it looks much better there than trying to mount it on or near the clutch lever. In our setup the D2 lights work with either the low or high beam.
I ended up buying the lights for just under $350 which come with the wiring harness. On one end of the harness you have three leads; two to hookup the two LED lights and one for the on/off switch. The other end has the leads to the battery. The positive lead is fused.

Apart from the D2s I purchased the brackets (not the brackets in the kit which are for mounting the LED lights, but the brackets on the bike) which are a very good fit and don't require any cutting of the fairing. They're easy to install and are anchored by two screws which replace the ones that come on the bike. I also purchased the CAN-BUS adapter to tap into the parking light wiring.
Overall, the difference is clear as you can see by the pictures below. I'm one for as much light as I can get and these Denali D2 lights deliver. My HID lights that I've got on another bike are brighter, but they have two huge ballasts that are hard to place in this new RT and those ballasts also generate a ton of heat and need ventilation.
What I like best is the look. These lights are small and look like they belong on the bike and not a gaudy add-on that takes away from the clean lines on the RT.

Here's what comes with the kit:
  • 2 x Denali D2 LED light pods
  • Wiring Harness with Dimmer Module, Relay and Lighted Switch
  • 2 x M8 (8mm) mounting brackets
  • 2 x spot driving beam lenses (10 degree beam pattern)
  • 2 x flood beam lenses (25 degree beam pattern)
  • Installation instructions
  • Allen wrench

D2s After Install - Off
D2s 'On' High Intensity 

Side Rear View of D2 Install
Fairing Brackets

Regular Low Beam BMW Light
Low Beam With D2s 'On' High Intensity

High Beam With D2s 'On'

Zoomed In View of High Beam with D2s 'On' High Intensity