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Meyers' - Elgin Smokehouse

Ricardo Perez

In ongoing quest to find the best BBQ places in Texas we made a visit to Meyers' Elgin Smokehouse in Elgin, Texas. Elgin is in mostly in Bastrop County (part of it is in Travis County) and is about 30 miles East of Austin and 15 North of Bastrop. A small town with a population of approximately 8,000 served as the location for the filming of the 1974 movie, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', but it's more famous for its sausage.

As you walk into Meyers' there stands a huge sausage "Boss" press just to let you know that they are serious about their sausage making.
Walk through the retail market and there's a variety of sausages that'll make any sausage lover take a long pause to check out the lineup. Red banners telling us just how many awards those little links have snatched up during the years line the walls.
If you can get through the market section, the larger part of the establishment is the actual restaurant where a plate of BBQ runs about six or seven dollars. It's good food.
Over the years we've made a circle around San Antonio and Austin with our favorite BBQ locations and in the spring there's nothing better in Texas than a bluebonnet and BBQ ride. Linking our favorite restaurants together can make a very nice ride. We'll map them out make that run this spring.  

Sausage Press

"Boss" Press

"Take Your Pick"

Of course, you can get different sides