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My Bike - 2010 BMW R1200RT

Tomas Perez

My current bike is a 2010 BMW R1200RT that I purchased new at Alamo BMW in Boerne, TX in March 2010.  I'm using this post for sharing tips, service items, modifications, and other things relating to this motorcycle.  I'll be adding to this post as I make changes or add items to the bike.  The main objective is to keep everything related to the R1200RT in one post (instead of a lot of short posts).

First and foremost: My prior bike was a 2003 Honda ST1300ABS.  You can read my comparison of these two bikes here: My review: BMW RT vs Honda ST

My changes to the RT:
The only thing that I have changed on the RT is the driver seat.  After about 15,000 I had a chance to buy a nearly new heated Corbin seat.  I've had Corbin seats before on my prior two bikes.  I also like the Smuggler trunk that Corbin sells.  I had it on the ST1300 but non yet for this bike.  It's costly.
Wiring instructions for the Corbin here: how-to-wire-aftermarket-seat-to-bmw

I'm one of those guys that's happy with the windshield.  It does everything that I want from a windshield.  For example, being from south Texas it has more wind protection than I need where we have summers well past 100 degrees F.  Also I can have the top of the shield below my eye sight and still have the wind going over my helmet.  Maybe if it were very cold I would need a bigger windshield but at this point smaller might even be better for me.

My additions to the RT:

  • Touratech tank bag
  • Saddle bag liners
  • XM radio
  • Zumo 660 GPS
  • AmpliRider amplifier
  • FuzeBlock power distribution box
  • P3 LED brake lights
  • SilverStar H7 low beam bulbs
  • Replaced the SilverStar low beams with the Osram Rallye bulbs. (Mar 2012)
  • Grip Buddies
  • Replaced the Osram 65W low beams with HID bulbs
  • Added the Wunderlich GPS mount that goes above the dash
(I hope to do a review on some of the items listed above but that will be a separate post.)

BMW RT Driving Light Special Functions
Some special light features that work on my BMW R2010 RT. Please feel free to add or correct anything on this list.

Turning off headlight: with engine running push signal to right and then push in to cancel and hold until headlight turns off. Headlight will come back on if the bike is moved so only works while you are stopped.

Turning on parking lights and rear tail light: As soon as you turn off the engine press and hold signal switch to right turn signal. Hold until parking lights turn on. Resets when you switch the bike back on.  Be careful of draining your battery by leaving these lights on too long.  In addition, I think some tank bags can cause the parking lights to be switched on without you knowing it.


Service History (Basic Format)
2010/4/6    -  600 service  - 812 miles
2010/9/15  -  12K service -  11,903 - Replaced front tire with Z8
2011/8/17  -  18K Service - 16,144 - Replaced rear tire with Z8
2012/3/12  -  Replaced front tire with another Z8 - 24,997 (12,000 miles and it still had thread)
2013/4/16 - Replaced front tire with PR 3 - 39,637 (the old Z8 wore in a weird way)

I got a few special services missing here. I'll find them and update this and do a recap of the tires used.  I seem to be getting very good life from the Z8 tires.  Currently I have 11,000 miles on the front with some life left but it does have some cupping.  The rear tire has 7,000 miles with lots of life left on it.  The bike came with Z6 tires.

R1200RT - First Week (no mods)
After 22 months and 23,000 miles the bike still feels like a new to me motorcycle and the engine seems to be getting better as the miles add up.  Some people say the boxer engine takes about 20,000 miles to break in.  I believe that now.

Update - Feb 24, 2012 - Horn stopped working.  I think it's the switch.  Seems to be a known problem with the new BMW RT's.

Update - Mar 5, 2012 - Got the LHS switch gear replaced under warranty by dealer.  Everything is good again.

Update - July 18, 2012 - Cruise control switch is acting up again.  How can BMW tolerate these poor quality switches?