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Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 

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Twitter Integration to the Blog

Tomas Perez

My red 96 ST1100 just north of Big Bend NP

I'm still looking for ways to organize these writings but Google's free application just doesn't allow for any kind of grouping or folder processing of the articles that we post here.  They are all in the last posted is first on the list order and that's the best of the options offered.

I just created a Twitter account that I intend to use for this blog.  I'm new to Twitter so I'm not sure how well this will work.  For Blog notifications you can always "follow" this blog but that still leaves a couple of issues unresolved.  One is that I don't think that followers are notified of any changes or additions made to existing blog entry and two is that there are many smaller motorcycle events that don't warrant a blog posting.  I'm talking about very short product/tool/etc. information and simple blog notifications.

For example, I just did an update to the Beemer Buddies post and I also adjusted the rating of the product.  I think this is the type of thing that I can use Twitter for.  I'm willing to give it a try.

My Twitter account: tspbikes

Thanks for reading,

Shopping Alert - Compact Driver

Tomas Perez

Bosch PS21-2A

I own a BMW R1200RT that has plenty of body panels that are fastened by Torx screws. I had been looking for a small cordless driver so that I can make the 30 minute job into a 10 minute job. At this time I haven't removed any of the panels so I haven't tested this driver yet.

This is from the Lowe's web site:

  • Powerful for tougher applications with 265 in-lbs. of max torque
  • Compact design - shortest head length and shortest height in class
  • LED light- enables use of tool in low light or dark areas
  • Lightest weight in class - great for overhead or continuous work
  • 2-speeds - 0-350/0-1300 RPM so speed of tool can be matched to the application
  • 20 + 1 clutch settings for precise torque adjustment
  • Forward/reverse button - equally useful at driving or removing screws
  • 1/4" hex drive - for quick bit changes
  • Provantage tool and battery protection plan - 3-year tool protection plan, 2-year free battery replacement guarantee, 1-call resolution hotline

Case, charger, 2 batteries and the driver
The driver is on sale for $79.00 at Lowe's until 12/31/2012. The product number is PS21-2A. This is the updated driver which is much improved over the old one so make sure you get the right one. There is also a larger impact driver for about $99 but that is not what I really wanted. I wanted the smallest driver (not impact type) that had a clutch so that I could control the torque being applied for both removal and driving. By the way I do not intend to use the driver to torque any of the motorcycle panel screws except perhaps to one of the lowest torque settings. I will do the actual tightening by hand as always.

I can't rate this tool since I haven't used it yet but it looks like a 10 so far and it's at a very good price right now. Amazon has this driver for $104 right now.


Why do you ride a motorcycle?

Tomas Perez

If you have spent any time riding a motorcycle you always get the question "why do you ride that thing?". I always hesitate at least a few seconds before I say anything. Keep in mind that it is never the motorcycle rider that asks the question.

I grew up liking mechanical things... especially engines. In my early years I put small lawnmower engines on bicycles. They were very crude but they served as my first motorized transportation. Years later when I went to college I moved up - if you want to call it that - to a 1953 Cushman scooter that cost me $50. It was my only transportation. It would do 50 mph drafting a tractor trailer. That scooter never gave me problems but it did break a front fork by the front axle. I used wire to hold it together but running down the road I could see it bouncing up and down. Not very smart of me.

It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I got my first real motorcycle - a 1973 Honda 500Four. I rode it everywhere. I looked for excuses to go somewhere so that I could ride it. I was in college when I mentioned to a motorcycle friend that as soon as the semester was over I wanted to ride to Big Bend National Park along the border of South Texas. It was to be my first real tour with a total of 600 miles each way. By the way, my friend was riding a 500cc two stroke Kawasaki motorcycle. We lubed the chains at every gas stop. It was a one week trip and we camped the whole time. How we carried all our gear on those motorcycles with no saddle bags I do not know.

After that bike came a series of Honda and BMW bikes and of course many more tours and rallies. In addition to those formal rides I also joined a local motorcycle club so that I would have several short rides every month.

Well, that's a brief history of how I got started with motorcycles. It covers a span of a little over 40 years and I still find it hard answering the question of why do I ride. Of course the simple answer for me is that I like it but that almost always requires that I qualify that answer. Sometimes I answer by saying "I don't know". That usually ends that topic. I think I have many answers and not simply one reason for riding. I like the quiet thinking time when I am riding long distance. I like the sensation of motion/speed. I like how you can smell what is around you. At this time of year (Spring) it is awesome as you ride by different fields both man made and natural. I like that I am covering as much as 50 miles for every gallon of gasoline. I like the power to weight ratio of a motorcycle. I'm sure there are more reasons I can't think of right now (like that motorcycles are pretty).

I would like to make this post interactive. I would like for you to post in the comments section your reason for riding. If you see your answer already posted by someone else continue to write your answer also. That will give us an idea what the most popular reasons are for the riding that we do. So... have at it... post your answers.

Thanks in advance for your input,