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Mission, TX

Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 

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Motorcycle Workshop: Built Over Holidays

Ricardo Perez

My Motorcycle Shop
Well, not exactly over the holidays, but close to it. I'm building this workshop in my backyard to house my motorcycles. I started by laying an 18'X14' slab with a 24" perimeter and an 18" cross-section all in rebar and No. 6 mesh to make a slab. It's not going anywhere. It's finished off with a four foot ramp onto a patio with pavers. The framing is all in 2'X4's and the trusses are in 2'X6's. The roof is covered in a 30 year asphalt shingle and the edges trimmed in cedar. Three sides are OSB and the front facing is OSB covered in tongue and groove cedar planks. I installed a 14ga steel 6'X7' garage door with lock as my only entry. The windows were salvaged from my house; the front pane is about a 4'X4' glass pane (it's about 60 years old so it's very thick) and the side windows are two, very heavy, still functional steel crank windows. The front window has security bars, but it won't keep anyone out, but it does protect it from footballs and soccer balls. I'm about 85% finished, still need the corner and door cedar trimming and the roof soffit.
Inside I have yet to do anything except I have already run my 12/2 wiring for 10 plugs. There is no insulation and I am debating whether to do that at all since I'll mostly work with the door open and the walls will be covered with heavy duty peg boards. 
I'm open to any recommendations as I try to finish it up within the next couple of weeks.

Preparation for Slab

Freshly Laid Slab
Starting Framing
Cedar on OSB

About 85% Complete!

South Padre Island Seafood

Ricardo Perez

Okay, it's in Port Isabel and not really on South Padre Island, but if you want some good seafood at a great price try Joe's Oyster Bar on the mainland just before crossing the causeway to SPI. It's just a few blocks before the causeway on the north side (left as you head to SPI) just one block off the main drag, directly behind the Lone Star National Bank drive through, at 207 Maxan St. in Port Isabel, Texas 78578. You'll likely find Joe Castillo the owner standing behind the cash register taking orders and handling the Mini Mart traffic. So you can stroll in and just buy seafood, drinks, and other stuff, but the main attraction has to be the restaurant. It's cozy and you get the sense that you're not paying for artificial ambiance like you normally do on the island.

SPI Food
Joe's Oyster Bar in Port Isabel
My wife and I rode out to SPI for the day, spent some time at Clayton's Bar which is beachside and out towards the end of the developed Island, just before and behind La Quinta Hotel. It's a modernized Wanna Wanna's, but it's much bigger, with better sitting and imho better food, and definitely cleaner restrooms. Of course, the beer is just as good. There's also plenty of parking and a small section close to the entrance for motorcycle parking. We decided to eat an appetizer at Clayton's and then have the grilled flounder at Joe's. A wise decision. The food is great, the prices are even better and although it can be crowded, it just feels more like a restaurant should. Our table was next to a couple that had just arrived from Oklahoma City. They asked us if we were on a bike or trike and I replied that we're on an Ultra Classic Harley, but probably working our way towards a trike if this aging thing didn't slow down. They were in good sprits having just escaped some of the tornadoes that hit around Oklahoma City.
Yep, They'll Grill Your Catch!
Lots of Shrimp
Joe greeted us at the cash register and we mentioned that he had a great place. He smiled and thanked us and said, "and it sure beats the prices on the island, don't it?". That's for sure! Next time you're headed to SPI I'd recommend a one block detour just before crossing over to SPI for some good seafood at very reasonable prices.

Main Resturant Section
Mini Mart Carries the Essentials 

Drinks Priced Right!

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My Harley Davidson Bike

Ricardo Perez

My 2008 105th Anniversary Ultra Classic

I have a 2008 105th Anniversary Ultra Classic, commonly referred to as the Copper-top bike because its colors resemble those of a Duracell Battery. Over the last four years I've modified it just to make it more my bike. Here's a list of my modifications:

Tires: Changed to Metzlers from standard Dunlops
Engine: Modified to 103 with Cams
Intake: SE Air Intake
Exhaust: Installed V&H Monster Ovals
Chrome Front Forks
HD Front Fork Oil
Lights: Changed Lens to Smoke Color
Lights: Installed LED Headlight and Spot Lights
Starter: Installed Heavy Duty SE Starter
ACR: Installed Automatic Compression Releases
Straight 8: Installed stabilizer from oil pan to frame
Lowered Rear by installing shorter shocks by approximately 1.5"
Replaced Compensator Sprocket with Heavy Duty SE Sprocket
SE HD Starter
Installed Longer Chrome Handlebars
Installed Zumo 550 GPS w/XM Radio
Installed Painted Inner Fairing
Installed Chrome Trim on Fairing/Windshield Brace
Replaced Speakers with Boom Speakers from HD
Installed Clearview Recurve 9" Windshield
Installed Long Riding Pegs to Crash Bar
Installed HD Oil Cooler
Installed HD LED Readout Oil Dip Stick
SE Spark Plug Wires
Installed High Output HD Horn
Installed Nostalgic Riding Foot Board for Rider and Passenger
Installed Chrome Levers; Billet Shifter Connector; Shifter; Removed Heal Shifter; Brake Pedal; 105th Cam Cover; Air Cleaner Cover; front fender chrome cover; chrome Tour Pak hinges;
Portable Air Compressor

On the functional items the most noticeable have been the 103 upgrade along with the air intake and Monster Ovals exhaust.
Those items that are not worth the money include the high output horn that always sounds like its just waking up when you need it most and the LED dip stick that went South really quickly in the South Texas heat.
The Metzler tires are really great imho and provide great road handling properties. Only caution with metzlers from my BMW days is that they must be properly inflated or you'll get cupping on the front tire.
I'm thinking I will keep this bike since I know that I won't get any money on trade-in for all of the above options. To replace what I have will require that I get the CVO Ultra or Road Glide and those bikes now run $37,000 plus TT&L, a bit too much for a two wheeler in my opinion.

Bugs On Motorcycle Fairings: Spring Time

Ricardo Perez

Winter has disappeared in most of Texas and spring is bursting upon us. It's the best riding time, but there's one little problem: bugs, butterflies, and bees are in the air and certain to hit your bike and/or you while you cruise down the highway.  Flying bugs and butterflies aren't much of a problem unless you're doing about 70mph and happen to hit a June bug with your face. I once had a June bug hit me on the cheek and I thought I'd been shot with a 22 caliber bullet. That's only happen twice in many miles on the road so I don't worry too much about it.
Cleaning that mess on your fairing is another matter. A few years back I was in Alpine, Texas and a fellow rider saw my bike and said he could help clean that mess. He sprayed some liquid on the bugs and "magic" it worked! The liquid started boiling away the bug mess. I asked what special spray that was and he said it was just hydrogen peroxide from his bathroom vanity. Makes sense since bugs are mostly protein the hydrogen peroxide starts to work right away. Another modern miracle! 
Bugs are a nuisance, but bees sting! If you're allergic you'd better carry your antidote. My wife and I were once on a narrow highway in the mountains of Mexico somewhere near San Miguel de Allende when I had a bee fly up my left sleeve and sting me on the forearm. I couldn't pull over and I couldn't take my hand off the throttle so I just hit my arm on my leg and swung it around to get that bee out. I don't know if I was successful, but after a little while I could feel the sting in my arm and the pain radiating up my arm. It wasn't very painful it was just the thought that the sting was traveling up my arm, soon to reach my heart, and that had me in a panic. I didn't die and the pain went away, but since then I always carry one of those Benadryl spot treatment sticks and pills with me just in case.
Spring - a beautiful time of year.