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Mission, TX

Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 

Ride Reviews

Mexico Touring: On the Safe Side

Ricardo Perez

Afternoon Stop at Fruit-stand

So you miss traveling in Mexico since it's not safe to travel down there? Well the next best thing is cruising around the rural areas of Rio Grande Valley and taking in some really local stuff like this fruit stand. In many ways it's just like being in Mexico, the cokes are the Mexican cokes made with real sugar and the fruits and vegetables are those you would find in any Mexican market. Take a step back in time and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of roadside stands.  If you really want buzz then go into a flea market and you can find anything from ponies to satellite dishes, but those are too crowded for me so I stick to the roadside fruit stands. 
While we were there some guy drove up and grabbed ten pounds of over-ripe bananas for three dollars and left just as quickly. I asked the lady working there, 'what's he doing with ten pounds of bananas' and she said that he runs a raspa (snow-cone stand) and needs them for his raspas. 
Well it was a short break, but definitely a step back into what it's like in Mexico. 

Tomas & Pancho

Making a Stop

Fresh Watermelons


Tire's Had a Better Day!

Catus Fruit

Ricardo & Pancho Outside Lane's in San Isidro