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800 S. Francisco St.
Mission, TX

Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 


Riverside Bar on Rio Grande River

Ricardo Perez

At the Riverside Bar in Mission, Texas just across from Mexico
We took a short ride over to the Riverside Club on the Rio Grande River this Sunday to see if anything was going on. With all the talk of violence in Mexico and it spilling over into the US we figured things would be dead. Apparently the Canadians haven't given it much thought as well as a whole bunch of winter tourist. The Riverside was going full blast with a live band and boat cruises.
The river is probably at its widest close to Anzalduas Dam, about 75 yards or so, but it sure isn't too wide. There was little activity on the Mexican side. Must be because they are the metric system!
It was a cool, overcast day and perfect for an afternoon ride. Wish we could have kept riding into the week as the weather looks and feels great. Anyway, if you hear about the violence in Mexico and how it's spilling over onto US streets, don't think that it's the wild frontier down here in South Texas. The flat bottom boat, the Riverside Dreamer was packed with winter tourist, mostly in their 70s, but they sure weren't fearing for their lives. The Riverside and Crazy Joe's down by the river are still great hangouts.

Chimney Park Just Upriver 

Live Music & Lots of Beer!

Here Come the Zetas!

Oh No, it's the Canadians!