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Shopper Alert - Multitools

Tomas Perez

I went to my local Home Depot to purchase deck screws (for a cedar fence). While I was there I notice a table with a special on a package with two Leatherman multitools. I like multitools and have had to use one many times to accomplish basic mechanical or electrical tasks.

I'm posting this because the package is offered at a good price. I do not want to do a detailed evaluation of the tools in the package but will provide an overview of the main multitool.

Wingman & Style CS
This package is $29.88 at Home Depot. I think it is also available online. Don't forget your 10% veteran's discount. The Leatherman Wingman is a mid or lower level Leatherman multitool but for the money it is not bad. I like the looks and feel of it. I also carried it clipped on to my front jean pocket and it never presented any problems. It certainly is worth having as a tool that you throw in a bag or carry on your bike or car. I would even consider this tool as an every day carry (EDC) for pocket use because it has a clip whereas most of the Leatherman tools do not. In addition, it won't break the bank if you break it or loose it.

Leatherman Wingman

  • Low cost
  • Main blade locks (liner lock)
  • Pocket/belt clip
  • Screw assembly
  • Blade available while closed
  • Looks good

  • Lower quality tool compared to other Leatherman products
  • One handed opening of main blade is a little unsafe
  • No sheath included (but they are fairly cheap)
  • Stamped stainless steel construction (but fairly well constructed)
The Main Blades
Main blade comparison with other Leatherman tools and the Sog Aegis which is my not dressed up EDC. The smaller knife blades are typically chisel ground meaning that the blade is sharpened on one side of the blade only. I don't like that type of grinding. The Wingman has a steep angle on one side and a shallow angle on the other. In other words they are not equal; better than a chisel grind but rather strange. The blade is also serrated. Not my favorite type of blade but good for cutting many items.


Comparison to the other Leatherman tools and the Sog Aegis pocket knife.



You can see in the photo above that the Wingman has the lowest quality Phillips bit of the three tools displayed above. That's the Fuse on the right and it has a very nice bit on it.

It's hard to rate this knife because it is mid to lower range of the good multitools yet so much better than the cheap ones you see selling for $10! I would rate this tool a 5 but I'll raise that to a solid 7 because of it's low cost and for the inclusion of the Style CS that is included in the package. I would consider paying $20 just for the Style so it's like getting the Wingman for $10.

tsp Rating: 7 (1-low and 10-best)