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Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 


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Tomas Perez

tsp & RT

This page is just an ongoing post about things that pop into my head on an on-going basis. I'll try to keep it related to motorcycles.

2012 Sept 17
1 - Added a review of the Schuberth C3 helmet.  C3 Review
2 - Updated the Grip Buddies review.   Grip Buddies Review

2012 Aug 24
I'm late doing a number of posts, reviews and updates to this blog because it has been a few weeks since I got back from my yearly extended tour.  We did a ride from Texas to Yellowstone NP and back where my bike did 4,453 miles during the 10 day tour.  This year I upgraded a few items and added a few items to my daily carry pack.  My new riding gear included a new Schuberth C3 helmet plus the relatively new to me BMW Airflow gloves.  I also tried a CamelBak during the long hot ride home.  The temperature range ran from 55 degrees F to about 105.

2012 May 21
It's time I did more postings.  My 65W low beam upgrade did not last long.  No, nothing wrong with that upgrade.  I jumped the gun and did the HID upgrade.  And while I was at it I also mounted my GPS (Zumo 660) over my dash.  I'm happy with both upgrades.   Reviews will soon follow.

2012 Feb 28
Planning on going to my BMW dealer for a 3rd time to get the left hand switches replaced.  I don't mind the ride but staying at a hotel has already cost me more than $300.  Status report when I get back.
Update (Mar 2012) - Finally got all of this resolved.  Update in my bike R1200RT post.

2012 Feb 28
Warning - no motorcycle content
One of my hobbies or interests is aromatherapy.  Been interested many years but it wasn't until recently that I found a good way to diffuse the oil blends that I make into the air in my house.  I started a web page with info on the product a few days ago.  It's very raw but a start.  I'm not sure I'm keeping this service or use another service.
Web site: Aromatherapy and Stuff

2011, Dec 30
If you are like me you don't mind buying at least one pair of fairly nice riding boots. The sad part is that it took me over 40 years of riding to realize that I should pair up boots with a good pair of socks. I recently purchased a pair of tactical boots that I want to use for casual riding. Next to the boots was a rack of socks that retail for about $20 each pair. I'm used to buying packages of 3 to 6 pair of socks for a total of cost of less than $20!

You gotta give these socks a try. What I looked at had options for light, medium, and heavy socks. The heavy are too thick unless I up all my footwear by at least one size. I purchased some light and medium pairs and really like them. I got mine at Academy for a slight discount off of retail.

2011 Dec 1
I have a number of things wired up on my RT but I'm getting the urge to redo the job and clean up things a bit.  I'll do some before and after shots (even to include the stuff I hate like the location of the power distribution box).
I'm breaking my rule of not tearing into any major work on a bike before a long ride. Planning to do a day's ride on Saturday.

2011, Nov 19 - This past Thursday my fellow contributor and brother had a business meeting in Austin, TX. He invited me to ride along with him and I agreed. It's about a 300 mile ride each way so we planned on returning on Friday. I had 639 miles total for the trip when we got back on Friday evening.

To pass the time while he was in meetings I visited the local BMW/Triumph shop. Well... after riding for over 40 years I finally decided to purchase my first pair of motorcycle riding pants. I can't review them yet because 1) only used them yesterday for the trip home and today I went on a very short 15 mile ride and 2) it's not cold and it's not hot at this time in my locale. The ride today was in 86 degree F and yesterday it started at 58 and was 78 by the time we got home.

But it appears that I have really been missing out. The pants felt so much better than regular jeans. Jeans seem to be beating on you as you ride at highway speeds while the riding pants stayed put very well.

I'll follow up with a review when I log more miles with them in both hot weather and cold. We don't get too cold here though. The review will be comparing jeans to these pants. Keep in mind that I wanted something for Summer riding. Anything else they do is a bonus to me.

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