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Our website is all about motorcycles, especially BMW cycles. We cover rides in the Southwest and Mexico, motorcycle modifications and review motorcycle products. 

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My Harley Davidson Bike

Ricardo Perez

My 2008 105th Anniversary Ultra Classic

I have a 2008 105th Anniversary Ultra Classic, commonly referred to as the Copper-top bike because its colors resemble those of a Duracell Battery. Over the last four years I've modified it just to make it more my bike. Here's a list of my modifications:

Tires: Changed to Metzlers from standard Dunlops
Engine: Modified to 103 with Cams
Intake: SE Air Intake
Exhaust: Installed V&H Monster Ovals
Chrome Front Forks
HD Front Fork Oil
Lights: Changed Lens to Smoke Color
Lights: Installed LED Headlight and Spot Lights
Starter: Installed Heavy Duty SE Starter
ACR: Installed Automatic Compression Releases
Straight 8: Installed stabilizer from oil pan to frame
Lowered Rear by installing shorter shocks by approximately 1.5"
Replaced Compensator Sprocket with Heavy Duty SE Sprocket
SE HD Starter
Installed Longer Chrome Handlebars
Installed Zumo 550 GPS w/XM Radio
Installed Painted Inner Fairing
Installed Chrome Trim on Fairing/Windshield Brace
Replaced Speakers with Boom Speakers from HD
Installed Clearview Recurve 9" Windshield
Installed Long Riding Pegs to Crash Bar
Installed HD Oil Cooler
Installed HD LED Readout Oil Dip Stick
SE Spark Plug Wires
Installed High Output HD Horn
Installed Nostalgic Riding Foot Board for Rider and Passenger
Installed Chrome Levers; Billet Shifter Connector; Shifter; Removed Heal Shifter; Brake Pedal; 105th Cam Cover; Air Cleaner Cover; front fender chrome cover; chrome Tour Pak hinges;
Portable Air Compressor

On the functional items the most noticeable have been the 103 upgrade along with the air intake and Monster Ovals exhaust.
Those items that are not worth the money include the high output horn that always sounds like its just waking up when you need it most and the LED dip stick that went South really quickly in the South Texas heat.
The Metzler tires are really great imho and provide great road handling properties. Only caution with metzlers from my BMW days is that they must be properly inflated or you'll get cupping on the front tire.
I'm thinking I will keep this bike since I know that I won't get any money on trade-in for all of the above options. To replace what I have will require that I get the CVO Ultra or Road Glide and those bikes now run $37,000 plus TT&L, a bit too much for a two wheeler in my opinion.